Annual revenues of Up to $250,000

Why is it important that my business has made $250,000 or less? Great question!

This number is important because when a business reaches this mark the real momentum of growth happens and everything before that is about how to consistently sell your products or services to your customers, setting the foundations, systems, and structures to support sustainable growth.

The support that a startup entrepreneur needs is as unique as the business itself. This community is for: 

  • · New business owners and established businesses that have not reached the annual revenue (sales) mark of $250,000. 

  • · You are clear on the service or product that you want to deliver to the world 

  • · You are committed to doing the work required and leaving all excuses at the door! 

  • · You show up in support of your fellow business owners with positivity 

  • · You are open to learn and grow as a leader

7 Steps to Strategic Success

“It’s time to stop the struggle and starting seeing success.”

This online self-study 7 part video course will show you the fundamentals steps to take your business idea from a concept to a profitable reality.

BOSS System

  • How do you take an idea from your kitchen table out into the world?

  • Would you like to have a quick study guide of what to focus on in your business now?

The BOSS System is a 60 minute program packed with 14 easy to follow video modules that will teach you have to gain clarity and focus in your business.

Money Mastery for Business Owners

Can the relationship that you and your potential customer have with money impact the deal? 

Is it important to cultivate a new mindset around money?

6 Pillars to Money Mindset

The 6 Pillars to a Money Mindset program is a quick study 90 minute program created for the leader of businesses that may find that a time to pivot is needing in your business.

Mastering Your Money Story

The relationship that you have with money can make or break your business.

How do you know if you have a limited belief in money?

Take a inside look into the Mastering Your Money Story. 

Position Your Pitch for Profit

Position Your Pitch for Profit is a quick study independent learning program designed to increase engagement with potential clients during the sales conversation to lead to a increase in new customers.

Clear Plan to Profit

Expert Training Designed for Coaches, Consultants & professionals selling to B2B (Businesses)

Clear plan to Profit 9 week program with 2 years of live support

Secrets to Consultative Sales Mastery

This course is for the business owner that is committed to increasing sales in their business while creating a customer experience that will turn customers into raving fans.

This easy to follow online program has over 4 hours of sales training from our instructor with over 20 years of sales experience.