Take a Inside Look into the program

This course is for the business owner that is committed to increasing sales in their business while creating a customer experience that will turn customers into raving fans.

This easy to follow online program has over 4 hours of sales training from our instructor with over 20 years of sales experience and comes with a downloadable workbook. 

Inside the program  you will learn:

  • -How to create a unique pitch that highlights your expertise

  • -How to deliver the pitch in a way that separates you from others

  • -The mindset needed in order to have a winning sales conversation

  • -The business foundations that are needed to support the sales goal

  • -How to determine the sales goal

  • -Create a plan of action that supports your goals

Meet the Courses

Pillar # 1 – The Foundation of Strategic Sales

-The Sales Mindset

-Setting Sales Goals

Pillar # 2 – Crafting Your Sales Story

-The Pitch

-Showing Up as the Expert in Sales

-The 5 Part Sales Conversation

-Mastering the 60 Second Introduction Pitch

-The Sales Conversation

Pillar # 3 – Handling Objections in the Sales Conversation

-Overcoming Objections as the Expert

-Deep Dive into Overcoming Objections

-Overcoming Objections Examples

Course Information

Registration Date: Accepting new applicants 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Effort: 8-12 hours

Price: $1,997 (USD)

Installment agreements are available upon request. Contact our Sales Team at hello@vosgroup.org or call 1.714.485.3719

Community Testimonials

I closed $2,500 in sales while still working a full-time job

Charlotte Kindred, CDK Images Charlotte NC