Mastering Your Money Story

A inside look into this quick study program

The relationship that you have with money can make or break your business. 

How do you know if you have a limited belief in money?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions

-What will people think if I charge that amount for my services? 

-What if I increase my prices and I lose customers? 

-Who am I to charge that amount? 

-I would never invest that much into my business 

-I like to serve people, I don’t believe you should charge for that 

-I have enough money (this is the biggest myth of them…more on that in the future)


In the Mastering Money Story You Will Learn:

In the Mastering Your Money Story you will learn:

-How to creating strategy to reach your financial goals 

-Identify the money mindset blocks that are stopping you from reaching your financial goals 

-Learning how to charge the value of your services 

-How to up-sell your clients 

-Ending the self-sabotage that can limit you from reaching your goals. 

-and much, much, more!

Investment: $97