Annual revenues $150,000,000 & above

An interesting term to refer to a company in the phase of earning revenues of $50,000,000 and above. 

And that is exactly the point.

Webster’s dictionary describes as Juggernaut as “a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path.” Our CEO, LaDawn Townsend, describes the goal of every business as ‘having a fiscal responsibility of being a financial resolute company” however the question is ‘how do you succeed in this’? Through our Advisory Services and VOS University, our team of Strategic Advisors works with Founders and their teams to create a sustainable strat plan that delivers on your company brand promise while also positioning you as to the go-to expert within the industry. Need to pivot the company to align with financial turmoil or economic shifts? The systems we build, ranging from Sales, Process, Marketing & Leadership, are designed to grow with the organization and align to changes within the business model. 

Juggernauts that work with VOS have a few common traits that we have found make for accelerated and sustainable success, those are:

  • · Zero excuses! The leaders have an ‘all in’ commitment to having a financially sustainable and growing business and they invest in this goal 

  • · Accountability is instilled throughout the organization and is measured from the top down 

  • · Drive. Leaders are open to the transformation that activates a new gear within the Senior Leadership that can lead to increased profits  

Are you up for the challenge of not only accelerating your company but experiencing transformation in the process? 

Advisory Services

Revenue Growth Strategy Lab

Is the organization not performing at the full capacity? Did you set a goal to increase revenue over the last fiscal year and the target was not obtained?

The Revenue Growth Strategy Lab is the ideal setting for leaders to work with our Strategy Team to set a clear blueprint to obtain the goals.

During this one day business intensive our Strategy Team will work with up to 3 senior members of your organization to create a blueprint that address a 1 or 2 areas within your organization.

Due to travel restrictions and to ensure the safety of our clients the Lab one day session will be held virtually through a secure online video conferencing service.

Profit Growth Strategy program

This private advisory service is designed for Founders and Senior Executives to provide up to 12 months of live strategic support for a individual company through a blend of private and group support.

The Profit Growth Strategy program provides access to up to five senior executives within the company to receive direct support with our Strategic Advisory Team as we teach you our 4 part system to grow profits in the company.

Revenue Growth System

Strategy, implementation & support to increase revenue.

What do you do when revenue targets are missed due to circumstances within our outside of your control? When experts would say to layoff employees and retract activities we would propose another option.

The Revenue Growth System is a hands on service that our team of strategic experts will identify areas to grow revenue, implement and measure plan to transform the business.

Business process Improvement

Process Improvement for Profit Program

A 90 day hands on program designed by industry experts for teams to increase profits by 30% with enhanced business processes that can scale with the organization.

market Expansion

Looking to grow your business within the local community and expand into new markets?

Let our global team of specialists create a strategy to expand the business. We take a holistic strategic approach when working with a company to expand within their local or into a new regional market.

We offer private advisory services, data analytics along with self-study courses with topics ranging in:

-International Market Expansion. “The Benefits, Watch Items & Risks”

-Process Improvement for International Business

-Global Standards for Effective People Management

-Technology Enhancements & Risk for International Expansion


Secrets to Consultative Sales Mastery

This course is for the business owner that is committed to increasing sales in their business while creating a customer experience that will turn customers into raving fans.

This easy to follow online program has over 4 hours of sales training from our instructor with over 20 years of sales experience.