Scale Up

Annual revenues of $250,000 to $10,000,000

Are you experiencing ‘adventures in scaling’? Many business owners during this phase are faced with new challenges that are par for the course when a company exits the early phase entrepreneur stage and moves into the phase of scaling the company.

Clients that have implemented our strategies during this phase have experienced an increase in revenue by 25% within four months while also working with our team to create systems and structures to support the organization’s growth. Through our Programs and Advisory Services, we can support yourself along with your team on reaching the next fiscal goal while bringing clarity and structure to what once was confusion fueled by (un)controlled chaos.

Ramp Up

Annual revenues of
$10,000,000 – $50,000,000

The ramp-up phase of a company is a pivotal time that can usher in what we at VOS describe as the ‘zone of profit acceleration’. In our experience of delivering profitable strategic solutions to companies, our research has found 4 out of every 5 companies struggle to increase profits consistently.

We have found factors behind this gap range from the following and through our VOS University and Advisory Services we can support you in moving into the zone of profit acceleration:

  • Outdated or misaligned business systems and operation structures 
  • ‘gather’ versus ‘hunter’ limited performance from sales personnel 
  • A misaligned marketing system that pushes calls to action instead of pulling in qualified clients 
  • Executives and Founders experiencing increased burnout that depletes leadership focus and negatively impacts annual strat planning.


Annual revenues $50,000,000 – $150,000,000

Revenue is increasing (slowly while investor push back also increasesEmployee headcount is growing (a necessity with a separate set of risks) Sales are incoming (but not at the levels of what you want to see) Based on the numbers most experts would say the company is performing positively for this stage of business. Or, is it?

All is not well in Camelot. Companies in the mode of growth must be diligent in positioning themselves to stand out in the marketplace by leveraging the brand reputation, client testimonials and above all else having a solution that answers the ‘next phase of problem or solution’ for the core customer. Through our Advisory Services and VOS University we engage with Founders and their teams to explore how to grow the bottom line while keeping the organization structurally secure in all areas ranging from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Leadership and Technology.


Annual revenues $150,000,000 & above

Webster’s dictionary describes as Juggernaut as “a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path”

Our CEO, LaDawn Townsend, describes the goal of every business as ‘having a fiscal responsibility of being a financial resolute company” however the question is ‘how do you succeed in this’? Through our Advisory Services and VOS University, our team of Strategic Advisors works with Founders and their teams to create a sustainable strat plan that delivers on your company brand promise while also positioning you as to the go-to expert within the industry.

Need to pivot the company to align with financial turmoil or economic shifts? The systems we build, ranging from Sales, Process, Marketing & Leadership, are designed to grow with the organization and align to changes within the business model. Are you up for the challenge of not only accelerating your company but experiencing transformation in the process? 

Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations & Non-Profit Organization

Do you serve communities regionally or internationally? We are here to help.

Even public sector organizations need to be profitable as they work diligently to deliver on the mission statement and purpose. Is your organization finding it challenging to deliver consistently on the mission statement while also operating within the designated budget? Are marketing efforts not resulting in the brand positioning that you want to experience? Are donations and support from sponsors starting to decrease? Are you experiencing a reduction in the number of attendees at regional or national conferences?

Through our VOS University programs and Advisory services our team can support you in delivering a transformation to the organization that aligns to your purpose, mission and elevates the organization within the markets you serve. Additionally, we have collaboration opportunities available that provides access of VOS programs to your organizations beneficiaries.