VOS university Entrepreneurship programs

Do you sell to the corporate buyer? Our Entrepreneurship programs are designed to help you reach your revenue goals while showing up as an expert in the space.

Revenue Strategy Academy

Designed for entrepreneurs that know the service or product they offer to the marketplace but are not hitting the revenue target. 

The academy is a simple to follow program that each month through live weekly training a strategy is taught in a digestible format to fit even the most busiest entrepreneurs schedule. 

Level: Entry to Advanced 

Clear Plan to Profit

Take the confusion and frustration of not knowing how to accelerate your business. 

Clear Plan to Profit is our signature program for entrepreneurs that have just launched their business that have annual revenues up to $500K

Our clients have described their experience of being in this program as earning a ‘Doctorate  in Entrepreneurship” because of how we deep dive into the 7 pillars taught in the program. This online self-study program delivers the fundamental blueprint to create a profitable business.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced  

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A Clear & Profitable Strategy

Increase Revenue by 25%.

Creating a 6 Figure Business