Business Operations


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Position your organization for growth with water tight processes and receive access for up to 3 leaders to participate in the program. In this program you will learn how to identify root cause gaps within your internal operations. 




Having a marketing strategy that aligns to the revenue goals of your organization is a key element needed in any successful campaign. 

In the Marketing Strategy for Organizational Advancement course you will learn how to create an execute a marketing strategy for the company along with how to automate the marketing campaign.


International Market Expansion -The Watch Items & Risks

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In this course you will learn the watch items and risks that can come as a part of an international market expansion launch along with how to assess the benefits that align with your organization’s mission statement. 

This coursework focuses on the 9 key areas within each market expansion plan and will guide you on how to validate the project benefits

Process Improvement for International Market Expansion

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Factoring in expanding operations abroad can add several factors that if not properly managed can create a negative brand reputation and contribute to the failure of a project. 

This course provides a full instructional implementation plan with guided steps on how to prepare the internal support departments for increased production driven by the market expansion plan while also maintaining the level of service for existing customers.

Global standards for effective people management

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This course provides a deep dive into how to create a project launch communication plan along with continued internal communications that can create employee culture which supports the organization’s success, all while maintaining appropriate alignment to the local culture.

Technology Enhancement & Risk for International Market Expansion

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When assessing the technology needs for an international expansion many factors must be considered that all align with the overall strategy plan for the project. 

In this course you will explore in detail the technology requirements and cybersecurity risks to watch for when selecting a SAAS or traditional hard-wired systems through our 12-point technology assessment plan.


Secrets to consultative sales mastery

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This course is for the business owner that is committed to increasing sales in their business while creating a customer experience that will turn customers into raving fans.

This easy to follow online program has over 4 hours of sales training from our instructor with over 20 years of sales experience and comes with a downloadable workbook. 

Employee Culture & Relations

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Training

To support these internal organizational dialogues we have put together a 3 part 90-minute self-study video training series Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Training. 

In this course you will learn:

-Identifying Race Relations Risks in Your Organization 

–Uncovering Bias in the Workplace 

–Race Relations & Revenue Impact in America. What to Do Next? 

What they say about the courses

Our students include Founders, Managers, Senior Executives and Frontline Professionals all with a commitment to enhance their skills.

The training provided a clear plan to scale & grow our business.
Philip Dinello (USA)
The training is timely and mighty! I jotted down a lot of ideas down throughout. LaDawn helped me to see the areas to improve in my client off-boarding process while also incorporating new elements in the fulfillment process.
Grace Mayele, Brand Strategist (Canada)
My biggest take-away from the course is to think about as a CEO and not just an individual that has started a business. The program has helped me to streamline what I need to work on and what to focus on in the business.
Chris Gooden, Founder Chris Gooden Fitness (USA)
LaDawn taught me exactly what I needed to do to drive more revenue into my business.
Alia Lewis, Career Outcomes Specialist & Coach (USA)