Annual revenues $1,000,000 – $10,000,000

The ramp-up phase of a company is a pivotal time that can usher in what we at VOS describe as the ‘zone of profit acceleration’. In our experience of delivering profitable strategic solutions to companies, our research has found 4 out of every 5 companies struggle to increase profits consistently. 

We have found factors behind this gap range from the following and through our VOS University and Advisory Services we can support you in moving into the zone of profit acceleration:

  • · Outdated or misaligned business systems and operation structures 

  • · A ‘gather’ versus ‘hunter’ limited performance from sales personnel 

  • · A misaligned marketing system that pushes calls to action instead of pulling in qualified clients 

  • · Executives and Founders experiencing increased burnout that depletes leadership focus and negatively impacts annual strat planning 


Sales Accelerator Program for teams and individuals


A independent study program with optional private support that gives access to up to 3 employees and is designed to enhance internal business operations to drive up revenue by 30%.

Market Expansion

Market Expansion Strategies
& Data Analytics

Looking to grow your business within the local community and expand into new markets? Through our online independent learning courses or working with our global team of specialists we will show you how to create a strategy to expand the business.

Advisory Services

You’ve paid consultants for a strategic plan and the result is that you are now left with a binder of ideas without a clear plan of what to do next or the support needed to execute the plan.

Our team of skilled experts have a combined experience of over twenty years of working arm in arm with business leaders and their teams to increase revenue with strategic plans and hands on support to help you reach the target.