Market expansion can benefit a company by expanding the footprint and brand to a new geographical to aide in increasing revenue for the organization.

In this course you will learn the watch items and risks that can come as a part of an international market expansion launch along with how to assess the benefits that align with your organization’s mission statement. This coursework focuses on the 9 key areas within each market expansion plan and will guide you on how to validate the project benefits from a ROI perspective, identify the watch items that can appear within an international business expansion plan along with creating a recovery plan for managing risk.

Course Topics:
· Effective Market Expansion Planning & Management
· The 4 Fundamental Foundations to a Market Expansion Plan
· Assessing the Profitability of the Market
· Leveraging Non-Traditional Data to Determine a Regions Monetary Value
· Effective Assessment of Profit Margins
· Determining ROI Projections & Accelerated Growth Metrics
· Sales & Marketing Strategy for International Markets
· Avoiding Culture Communication Mishaps during Advertising Campaigns & Sales
· Consultations Selecting the Expansion Model Best Suited for the Organization

Total Time to Complete: 15-20 hours
(this is inclusive of the video training & completion of the workbook)

What is included:
· 66-page program workbook to guide you through the course
· 90 days of monthly live questions & answer call session with fellow program participants (Wednesdays 930 AM PST)